Education is one of the integral components of an improving society, and that's why we at Noble Pursuits strive to educate.

We offer many types of educational opportunities here at Noble Pursuits.  We publish many of our ideas online for free for all to see.  See below for some of our best ideas so far.

- Create clean water for your family using any fresh water source by constructing a biosand filter

- Stay safe and prepared on the road if your car breaks down or when there is a medical issue or emergency

Weather Station

Earth Bench

Other methods of education require more time and effort; as a result, these are paid services offered by Noble Pursuits.

One of the best methods of education is one-on-one tutoring.  You can organize and pay for tutoring sessions with Noble Pursuits' founder, James Harper, through PayPal here:

Group tutoring of up to six students in a variety of subjects is also available.  Please contact the founder of Noble Pursuits, James Harper, here if you are interested in group tutoring services.